Initiatives 2014


Construction of a new 1075 MW power unit is making progress

Kozienice Power Station which belongs to the ENEA Wytwarzanie completed the installation of the first of the four columns of the boiler constituting the driving force behind the newly built strategic for the Polish power unit 1075 MWe in June of 2014.

The investment in Kozienice is proceeding according to schedule.



Cooperation for innovation

Four Polish energy companies: : ENEA, ENERGA, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna and Tauron Polska Energia signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the area of research, innovation and competitiveness improvement. This cooperation aims at facilitating companies to find technological solutions that replay to key challenges facing the energy sector in Poland.

Companies will support research projects for emissions reduction in the process of electricity generation and increase of distribution and energy use efficiency. Development of distribution and transmission smart grids is another key issue.

Research carried out within cooperation may bring benefits not only to the Polish energy sector, but also to regional academic centres, business partners and entire economy.

Funds for the development are secured 

Effective gaining and securing funds for implementation of long-term investments is the elementary action that is crucial for their realization. The Company and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego concluded a programme agreement relating to the issue of long-term bonds valued PLN 1 bln in May 2014. The objective will be financing current operations and future investment needs of the ENEA Capital Group. The bond issue programme was concluded for the term of 12 years and 7 months and ends on 15 December 2026. The Agreement was signed on the construction site of the 1,075 MW unit in Kozienice. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Treasury, Włodzimierz Karpiński.

Area strategies are adopted 

Five area strategies were established on the basis of the corporate strategy, which were  adopted by the Management Board of ENEA SA in June 2014. These relate to generation, distribution, sales, trading and shared services. This is the foundation for each of the key segments of the ENEA Capital Group.

Area strategies precisely define participation of business segments in the achievement of the Capital Group goals by 2020. Among others, specific performance indicators serve this purpose. They arise directly from the "Corporate Strategy of the ENEA Capital Group for 2014-2020" and translate into ownership goals of subsidiary entities.

Keeping existing customers and attracting new ones, as well as providing an adequate level of margin is the sales goal. Its growth is to be ensured by, among others, creation of products and services offer adjusted to customer needs and optimization of the Client service costs.

Distribution is to prepare the Capital Group for a new way of rewarding DSO companies for distribution services, which is associated with the introduction of a quality tariff. Assumptions also included investments and activities aimed at improvement of the network quality indicators SAIDI and SAIFI and allowing OPEX optimization in the future. "Smart grid" development is also important in this segment.

ENEA Trading takes over competences related with the fuel purchase, but also related with external purchases i.e. CO2 emission allowances, or risk management portfolio.

Shared Services Centre is to focus on supporting activities to the entire Capital Group. It will provide Client service, accounting and payroll, ICT, as well as logistics and HR services. 

ENEA Wytwarzanie takes over Windfarm Polska

"Acquisition of the Windfarm Polska Sp. z o.o. business operations” project was accomplished in 2014. Windfarm Polska was incorporated to ENEA Wytwarzanie on 30 June 2014.

Unification of the legal form of the ENE Capital Group companies

Transformation of the legal form of joint stock companies ENEA Wytwarzanie and BHU to limited liability companies is taking place in 2014.

Reorganization of the Capital Group structure

Merger  process of Energetyka Poznańska Zakład Transportu with ENERGOBUD Leszno company and merger of ITSERWIS and ENTUR with ENEA Centrum are taking place. 

Corporate Governance 2014

Further works within the target map of the competences of the ENEA Capital Group bodies, ENEA SA Management Board and Management Boards of subsidiaries will be continued within the implementation of the new corporate governance model in the ENEA Capital Group  in 2014.The works also include an analysis of the appropriateness of the next Committees and Management Departments appointment. Furthermore, an adjustment  of the internal regulations binding  ENEA Capital Group companies  to the target map of competences will be necessary. 


Client education for security

ENEA Capital Group, along with other leading companies from the energy sector supports educational and information campaign which warns against dishonest sellers of energy. "Check who's selling energy!" initiative is accomplished by  Association of Energy Trading under the auspices of the Energy Regulatory Office.  It is a response to increasing unfair practices of sales representatives of some retailers. Campaign which has started in April 2014 is addressed primarily to individual customers, especially elderly persons, who are often victims of companies using unfair market practices.

More information is available at:

Client pays less 

ENEA SA has introduced new, lower electricity prices for households on 1 January 2014. Rates decreased by 6.47%. Their reduction results from lower prices of energy purchase. Thanks to the reduction a household which consumes annually approx. 5000 kWh saved around PLN 123,05 gross. 


The biggest investment in road LED lighting in Poland

Eneos company completed the country's largest investment in road lighting using LED technology in Wschowa district in 2014. Close to 2200 units of modern, energy-efficient lighting was installed. Old, energy-intensive mercury-vapour and sodium lamps were replaced with modern LEDs with outputs from 38 to 90 W.

The aim of the investment was to reduce carbon emissions into the air, reduce energy costs and improve safety of the residents of the Wschowo district and town. The light emitted by new LEDs is brighter and more natural. The project was developed on ESCO formula, i.e. financed from savings which are possible thanks to new lighting. Accomplished investment is an example of a good cooperation with the local government.

New President for Renewable Energy in ENEA Wytwarzanie 

Michał Prażyński became a Vice-President of ENEA Wytwarzanie for Renewable Energy in March 2014. Supplementing the composition of the Management Board with Michał Prażyński,  an expert in the field of energy, results from the new corporate strategy of the ENEA Capital Group. The strategy assumes a significant development in the RES area until 2020 and capex of PLN 4.5 billion. 

 New Investments for environment in Kozienice Power Plant

ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, LTD. concluded a contract for the construction of the flue gas denitrification system for two units in the power plant in Kozienice in July 2014. This is another investment aimed at minimizing the negative impact of power plants on the environment. The investment will allow to reduce the nitric oxides emission by 80%. The value of the contract will total PLN 92 mln and the completion of the investment is planned in May 2016.

Furthermore, a Flue Gas Desulphurization IOS IV for units 8 × 200 MW, capacity 800 MW is being constructed. The new installation will allow all eight blocks of 200 MW generate energy after 2015, ensuring SO2 emissions below 200 mg/Nm3. Estimated completion of the investment is planned for 2015.

MEC Piła investment co-funding

Mec Piła company and Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw signed an annex to the agreement in May of 2014. The annex guarantees funding in the amount of PLN 11.8 million of the "Development of the heating system in Piła through the development of gas cogeneration units in regional boiler house KR -Koszyce in Piła" project. The total value of the project amounts to almost PLN 43 million.

New investment will be the largest in Poland cogeneration source powered with natural gas. It will generate approx. 10 MWt of heat energy and approx. 10 MWe of electricity.  This will result with reduction of demand for energy from conventional sources and reduction of the amount of coal burned and emissions, especially dust and CO2 into the atmosphere. 

The investment has been started in mid-2013 and its commencement is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Flight with consequences of a valve failure in the unit No. 7

On 16 July in ENEA Wytwarzanie SA there was a valve failure in the unit No. 7. As a result of this occurrence ca. 9 m3 of mazut leaked out to the channel located on the area of Kozienice Power Plant. The channel is one of the elements of the hydro technical infrastructure protecting against a leakage of potential contaminations to the Vistula River. 

Almost 40 people from the plant's firefighting team and units responsible for safety immediately commenced activities aiming at the minimisation of the results of the failure and possibilities of the mazut getting into the Vistula River. Thanks to appropriate dams and use of a modern absorbent, the substance didn’t get to the Vistula stream and the action was successful.  

Pursuant to the information gained in the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection regarding the samples taken from the Vistula River in the vicinity of the event, no odour or visual contaminations of the water were stated. However, according to the fire fighters, despite the undertaken actions, it is impossible to completely rule out the risk of traces of contaminations getting into the water. In relation to the above, the cooperation with relevant services, including the monitoring of the Vistula River, will be continued, till it is certain that the potential threat has gone away definitely.


E-learning on the principles of the "Code of Ethics of the ENEA Capital Group"

Implementation of e-learning cycle that promotes attitudes consistent with the principles set out in the Code of ethics of the ENEA Capital Group has commenced on 30 June 2014. Training in the form of short video clips are published simultaneously in the corporate intranet and e-learning platform, which are available to all employees of the ENEA Capital Group. Subsequent episodes will appear till the end of 2014 at the end of each month.

All newly employed ENEA SA  employees are trained on ethics principles binding in the ENEA Capital Group since the beginning of 2014.

Two-stage general elections for two members of the Committee for Code of ethics of the ENEA Capital Group were organized in September 2014. Elections included all companies of the ENEA Capital Group.  To make the process transparent electronic voting platform was used, to which every employee of the Group had access by means of dedicated, unique token. Each employee could vote once, choosing from candidates identified at the stage of primary elections. A manger of the Audit and Control Office at ENEA SA is the third member of the Committee and its chairman.

BHnU receives a certificate of a "Prudent Company"

BHU company is certified “Prudent Company awarded in recognition of consistent compliance with the "Code of Best Practices of Prudent Companies” in 2014. 

„Card of Principles” in the Energomiar company

Work under "Card of Principles" has been commenced in Energomiar company where a large proportion of employees has a direct contact with the Client.  The Card introduces ethical standards of contact with the Client.


Trainings for a better tomorrow

ENEA Capital Group cares for the development of potential future employees. Therefore, ENEA Operator company to prevent the occurrence of intergenerational gap, took a patronage over Electrical School Complex No. 1 of Henryk Zygalski in Poznań in 2013.  As part of the sponsorship, students may benefit from professional practice and workshops conducted by professionals - employees of the company.

 ENEA Foundation

The Management Board of ENEA SA established the corporate foundation called the ENEA Foundation in January of 2014. The newly established Foundation manages the area of social engagement. This will unify the social activities carried out so far by the ENEA Capital Group companies and focus social efforts on a selected area or social goal. ENEA Foundation has begun the accomplishment of the statutory purposes in July 2014.

More information about ENEA Foundation is available at:

 Development of employee volunteering

15 social initiatives were accomplished by ENEA volunteers in the first half of 2014.

Here are the most interesting ones:

With a help for family harmed in the fire: ENEA Capital Group volunteers worked on the reconstruction of the 3-year-old boy house suffering from cancer in February 2014. The house was destroyed by a Xavier hurricane shortly after the boy's parents completed a costly renovation to allow the sick child to stay at home. Volunteers of the Capital  Group partially renovated the house - ENEA Operator employees, among others, installed electrical wiring.

Pillow for a baby: ENEA SA volunteers and the participants of the "Small Volunteering" program took part in the pillows embroidery action for young patients in hospitals and hospices. Action took place on 28 February 2014 within XIII Trade Meetings - Books for children and young people.

ENEA rescuers for citizens of Poznań: Rescuers from the ENEA Capital Group taught citizens of Poznań how to give first aid in May 2014. Demonstration took place during the family festival organized by the City Hall in Poznań.

International Day of Children's Book: Participants of the "Small Volunteering" program organized a collection of books, games and puzzles for children in Poznań hospitals in April 2014. Representatives of the Regional Office together with volunteers of the ENEA Capital Group donated gifts to selected institutions.

Activities for Palium hospice: The ENEA Capital Group volunteers together with volunteers of Palium hospice and representatives of the Regional Office in Poznan took part in the "Get rid of the cocoon" initiative in Spring 2014. They called  to citizens of Poznań for financial assistance in completing the expansion of Palium hospice. Rescuers-volunteers of the ENEA Capital Group taught the first aid rules. Furthermore, volunteers cleaned up the garden around the hospice building while carrying out support activities in June 2014.

ENEA Capital Group supports Triathlon

ENEA Capital Group supports development of a variety of sports, including slag and volleyball, and also triathlon since 2014. ENEA SA became a sponsor of a cycle of triathlon competitions ENEA TriTour and the title sponsor of Poznań Triathlon 2014. The last event was attended by 3,000 athletes, including leading athletes from the country and abroad.

Details are available on the official website:

 Activities for the sport development awarded

ENEA SA was awarded a Sport Patron of Free Poland for contributing to the development of the Polish sport in June of 2014. The prize was granted during the Sport Success Gala of the 25th anniversary of Free Poland organized at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The ceremony was attended by President Bronisław Komorowski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism in cooperation with Polish Television and Przegląd Sportowy.


 "1 of 10,000" competition in 2014

"1 of 10,000" competition has a long tradition in the ENEA Capital Group dating back to the 90s. Employees participating in the competition may compete in several stages of the competition and boast  their expert knowledge about health and safety, labour law and principles of first aid.

Employees from ENEA SA, ENEA Centrum, ENEA Operator, ENEA Trading or Elektrownie Wodne companies took part in the competition in 2014. The final of the competition was held on 26.06.2014.

Training of employees an investments in the development of intellectual capital

ENEA Capital Group companies continue to invest in the development of professional qualifications of their employees  by pursuing specialized trainings adjusted to the specific nature of the individual companies. BHU company invested in improvement of the sales managers competences, by implementing “BHU Sales Academy” program in a form of a series of trainings in the first half of 2014.

ENEA SA accomplishes a series of trainings within development program for employees of the sales area in 2014.

ENEA Trading organizes specialized trainings for its area. Employees participated in the following trainings in the first half of 2014, i.e.: workshops from risk management, training traders, or a training on technical analysis. In addition, the Company's employees may participate in professional trainings for the energy industry, conferences (also as speakers).

Safety in workplace

A "Spring control of equipment against falls from height" was an example of preventive measures taken in 2014 to improve safety of the ENEA Capital Group employees.  ENERGOBUD Leszno company controlled the equipment in May 2014.

In accordance with provisions of occupational health and safety regulations, the protective equipment against falls from height should be checked every 12 months.  The aim of the periodic review was to examine protective equipment against falls from height in terms of its further safe use. During the campaign 181 sets of equipment of installation electricians were examined in the entire Company. The equipment was controlled by the employees of the Central OSH Service Unit.